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amirah birthdayamirah-bat-girl
Amirah's birthday and Amirah being silly in a Halloween costume

                MedMulti is a small family owned pet supplement business located in the Eastern United States.  As pet lovers we’ve always wanted our dogs, cats, and other furry friends to have the longest, most pleasant lives possible…  even over our own at times (haha).  Our journey into pet health started years ago with our first rescue greyhound, Amirah.  She showed up fresh from the track at 2 years old and was so happy to finally have some of her own hoomans.  Amirah was the sweetest nicest dog I had ever met, simply happy to be retired from the race track and now at her forever home.  Unfortunately, one week after returning from a short trip when she was 5 years old, she started walking funny which lead to a cancer diagnoses and she had to be put down shortly after.  Our family was devastated and looking for answers we started researching pet health, seeing what could be done about this potentially in the future.

                We found out that even after enduring greyhound racetrack hardships, these rescue hounds still had health dangers ahead of them. Your standard kibble has most of the nutrients cooked out of it and dogs have a much higher rate of cancer then humans even with their shorter life spans.  Fast forward a few more years, now with two new greyhound friends, Roger and Pawnee Girl…  well Roger’s stomach kept bothering him even while taking probiotic rich yogurt.  Also, Pawnee Girl getting older and older and creakier then she used to be once again started looking further into pet health and seeing what could be done.  During this research we started making notes on supplements to help not only these two pups but also others that may have needs.  We created our Probiotic Health line of powder to help Roger, but also other dogs with grumbly stomachs and other digestive issues.  Pawnee Girl started receiving our Hip & Joint supplement to aid her old aching joints and experienced improvements within a few weeks.  And both get a squirt of our liquid fish oil in their food in the morning not only because they love the taste, but also because it is rich in vitamins and nutrients to help them in a variety of areas.


pawnee goofy girlpawnee and amirah malfunction

Pawnee Girl arrives being goofy and sometimes there are greyhound errors

roger arrives with pawnee girlroger goofy sit

Roger shows up being a bigger boy then the previous 2 girls.  Still goofy

                So MedMulti was founded to help our pets and we wanted to bring not only these products, but the information and education that other pet owners may not know about.  As we mentioned earlier, we want to give our furry friends the best and longest life we can… and here at MedMulti we want to help you do the same!

Sleepy Pawnee Girl and Roger being nice and relaxed in their forever home


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